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Competitive Dance – a globally popular and fast-growing sport!

The interest in dance is growing at an incredible pace across the world, particularly in Pro-Am competitions which previously only existed in the U.S., Russia, Italy, and Hong Kong. They have now arrived in Sweden and several other European countries. Dance is a global form of communication, something most people can relate to, regardless of age, culture, religion, or nationality. The sport does not involve performance-enhancing drugs or serious injuries. Instead, the focus is on beautiful clothes, attractive sets, and tons of practice and lessons in order to become exceptional!

"Pro-Am" means Professional Dancer - Amateur Dancer. Internationally, Pro-Am usually entails a 10-dance competition: 5 standard dances, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, and the Quickstep, as well as 5 Latin dances, Samba, Rumba, ChaChaCha, Jive, and Paso Doble. In the U.S., events also feature the American Smooth and American Rhythm categories, which consist of similar dances with somewhat different conventions. Dancers compete in closed or open configuration at different levels and in different age groups. You can actually compete almost your entire life, from around 7 years of age until over 80 -- well, for as long as your energy will allow!

The 2014 season – upcoming competitions

We are already practicing at full speed for the prestigious Nevada Star Ball dance competition in Las Vegas in August, and the Ohio Star Ball in November, which we very much look forward to! In 2015, we hope to compete at about 20 competitions across the U.S., and in Russia, Italy, Hong Kong and perhaps Sweden. Where we will compete will depend on the wishes of our sponsors, we are flexible!

Sponsoring – a great partnership!

We can unite and motivate large and small groups to improve teamwork and/or wellness through dance lessons. Fun and inspiring for both body and mind! We can assist with introductions in new markets - American, Russian, or Swedish. We can organize events and dance competitions for staff and customers. We can also produce large-scale contests for professionals and amateurs at your company, in your city, or in a country where you wish to introduce your product in a positive and interesting way. We provide advertising opportunities through our videos, available at our website and on YouTube, and the opportunity to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. In today’s marketing world, it is especially important to reach your customers' in their everyday life. By being associated with an interesting sport, you will have that chance through us. We can be that "little extra" generating attention and helping you to promote your brand.

You will of course also be able to use dance pictures of us in your marketing!
If this sounds interesting, feel free to contact us!
We speak English, Russian, and Swedish.

Ammie Ericsson

Sasha Givency


Date Event
February 6 - 8, 2014 Platinum Dancesport Classic, Miami, FL
February 12 - 15, 2014 Superstars Championships, St Petersburg, FL
February 20 - 23, 2014 New York Dance Festival, New York, NY

March 23, 2014

Sarasota Challenge, Sarasota Bay, FL


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